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Scalable and Adaptable Modular Systems

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Each PPE dispenser is designed for...
•Wall mounting
•ISO wall-mounted systems

•ISO mobile cart systems
•ISO door-mounted system

Minimal Surface Exposure

The robust wire mesh we use to manufacture our holders/dispensers offer many

advantages to infection control.


With a minimal surface area exposed to airborne components, the accumulation 

of foreign contaminants is negligible.


The wire mesh is quickly cleaned and resists disinfectants and harsh chemicals.


The mesh is dipped and coated with an electrostatic treatment of a thermoplastic powder which 

is oven-baked at high temperature to leave a glossy finish as durable protection against impact and corrosion for generations to come.


The wire mesh holders designed for the PPE supplied is relevant in the infection control sector, and can be installed on most surfaces, both Wall-Mounted and PPE protection systems.


Holders/dispensers are available for every retail medical PPE carton format on the market.

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Consumable items are for demonstration purposes only and are not available for purchase through Médic Accès.

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