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Scalable and Adaptable Modular Systems

Now Available !

Dynamic, ergonomic, ecological, easy to maintain and instantly scalable to infinity


Médic Accès is proud to present an improved version of the fully functional organization system for the distribution of daily care products and personal protective equipment.

Dynamic, ergonomic, ecological, infinitely scalable, the Clip-Unclip-Plus system is a real innovation in the health system.

The system allows updates as conditions change or persists in your institution.

Because of its' extreme versatility, the Clip-Unclip-Plus system allows you to distribute PPE dispensers using its' mobile trolley, in a targeted location where the tools are needed for effective infection prevention.

Also, this system has a two-level anchoring style for PPE dispensers, which gives stability to the system.

The PPE dispensers are easily movable and modulate as desired on each system, making it infinitely scalable.

Thanks to its' mobile organization system, its' wall organization systems, sectional system, as well as a custom alcove system, the Clip-Unclip-Plus system distinguishes itself with its' mobility and its' adaptation to any environment.

Finally, did you know that the Clip-Unclip-Plus is 100% restorable? 

The Clip-Unclip-Plus system is durable and environmentally friendly because of the use of antimicrobial electrostatic paint, a process that does not release chemicals into the atmosphere when applied.

The steel rods, with its' minimal surface, are the only components of the PPE system and dispensers making it easy to maintain.


Hygiene and sanitation:

During disinfection, the walls and mobile systems work together to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting.

In addition to being removable from the wall, the wall system is designed to open like a cabinet door.

For more details, see the Hygiene and Sanitation section.

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in the development and realization of your productive corridor.

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