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Scalable and Adaptable Modular Systems

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Dynamic, ergonomic, ecological, easy to maintain and instantly scalable to infinity

Hygiene and sanitation for wall station disinfection are done in stages between wall stations and a mobile station.

1-The mobile station accompanying the attendant must be disinfected before starting the disinfection of the wall stations.

2-The attendant removes the PPE containers from the racks one by one, disinfects them before placing them on a shelf at the bottom of the mobile station.

3. Removes wall station supports one by one, disinfects them before hanging them on the mobile station.

4. Disinfect the wall station and the back wall.

5. Subsequently, he/she relocates the PPE brackets and places the PPE in their respective brackets and moves to the next station. 

6. At the end of this exercise, the attendant disinfects the mobile station.

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