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Scalable and Adaptable Modular Systems

Manufactured in 3 different width sizes of wall-mounted PPE protection systems for daily care and isolation.

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All are 36 inches high / 91.44 cm.
Made in 3 different width formats.
• ISO-24 23 1/4 "(59 cm)
• ISO-18 17 1/4 "(43.81 cm)

• ISO-12 11 1/4 "(28.5 cm)

PPE distribution systems

ISO Wall-Mounted

ISO_logo 2020.png


One wall-mounted unit can convert PPE requirements for up to Four patient rooms, depending on the distance separating the rooms.


Each Modular Protection System may be fully personalized to fit your specific needs before the final assembly at our workshop.


The wall-mounted organizer consists mainly in a vertically oriented position designed for dispensing personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies.


Installation of all modules is quick and easy to set up, stainless steel screws and wing nuts included.


Medical care personnel or any other user will have immediate access to specialized and state of the art personal protective equipment and supplies according to the conditions prevailing in their environment.

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