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Now Available !


Dynamic, ergonomic, ecological, easy to maintain and instantly scalable to infinity

Scalable and Adaptable Modular Systems


CLIP-UNCLIP-PLUS wall station 

#CLIP-4-24    4'' X 24''

Also, see at 24"X 24" in the Sectional tab.

Choose the PPE dispensers according to your needs.

Practically all of the PPE dispensers
in the section ( Our Dispensers
) are designed for

Click on photos to enlarge!

Here are five configuration examples.
The system is instantly infinitely configurable according to your needs.


CLIP-4-24 001 basic

With the basic system, build your unit with the PPE dispensers according to your specific needs.

Basic system, for essential PPE


Shown with a gown basket on the handrail

#DR03R and #PQ01 white insert.

Configuration sample #002

• #CLIP-M01 standard masks

• #CLIP-V01AB wipes two formats of                barrels. 75, 90 and 150 wipes

• #ADAP-6 adapter for hydroalcoholic               solution dispensers.

• #CLIP-SG20 disposable gowns 2 X 10

   Shown with a gown basket on the handrail

   #DR03R and #PQ01 white insert.


CLIP-4-24 002


CLIP-4-24 003

Configuration sample #003

• #CLIP-PP02 universal basket

   24 '' Width X 6 '' Depth X 6 '' Height

   60.96cm W X 15.24cm D X 15.24cm H


CLIP-4-24 004

Configuration sample #004

• #CLIP-TA020 shelf

   Free your hands to equip yourself with             PPE, food tray, writing, etc.

• #CLIP-M01 standard masks


CLIP-4-24 005

Configuration sample #005

• #CLIP-PP05 large universal basket X 2


CLIP-4-24 006

Configuration sample #006

• #CLIP-G03FH gloves (3 boxes)

   up to 200 gloves per box 

• #CLIP-M01 standard masks

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